Taking Time – Crew Performance
by Rear Admiral Iluvar & Commander Earlond & Commander Christopher McNeil & Lieutenant Commander Fala Awen & Lieutenant Commander Michael Evans & Lieutenant JG Kevin Brown & Lieutenant JG Margaret Winchester & Lieutenant JG Jennifer Lockheart & Lieutenant JG Hannah Andeti & Ensign Velia Moretti & Zander Whyte

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Title   Crew Performance
Mission   Taking Time
Author(s)   Rear Admiral Iluvar & Commander Earlond & Commander Christopher McNeil & Lieutenant Commander Fala Awen & Lieutenant Commander Michael Evans & Lieutenant JG Kevin Brown & Lieutenant JG Margaret Winchester & Lieutenant JG Jennifer Lockheart & Lieutenant JG Hannah Andeti & Ensign Velia Moretti & Zander Whyte
Posted   Sat Jan 16, 2010 @ 1:11pm
Location   Mess Hall, USS Tethys
Timeline   Shoreleave 2, 0900
ON: [[Mess Hall, USS Tethys, Shoreleave 02, 0900]]

Earlond sat, looking out through the viewports but not focusing on what he saw. Instead, he was thinking back to the missions they'd just gone through.

Already seated somewhere near the back, Awen watched as more crewmembers arrived in the Mess Hall. The Bajoran was tense - not entirely sure what the point of this meeting was. Thus far she'd not left the ship, still a bit unsettled after finding Volaris and the Remans dead, and due to the images she'd seen.

Zander was already sitting at the back of the room with his PaDD. Conveniently the Commander had completely ignored him since he'd walked into the room- unsurprising really but he had already taken a few notes on the air of tension in the mess hall.

The counselor strode in, coffee mug in hand and practically bounced towards one of the seats towards the front. This wasn't the first crew performance meeting she had attended, but it was the first on the Tethys and she seriously doubted that she would have much of a role in this one. Her mind was still on their ongoing shoreleave and she had already booked some time orbit diving on one of the nearby moons. She sat and crossed her legs, sipping her coffee and hoping that the meeting would be brief.

Margaret walked into the mess hall and took a deep breath. Rumors had been flying around the ship faster than the ship itself could travel. Everything from what the Admiral did in his time off, to the 'immanent' outbreak of war with the Elyshans. *One thing's for sure,* Margaret thought to herself as she settled down in a chair near the replicators, *I doubt Iluvar plays Egyptian Rat Screw over subspace with President Vindenpawl.*

Velia entered the room, gave it a short sweeping glance, and took a seat close to the doors. She'd never been a fan of front row seats; the feeling of people staring at the back of her head made her uncomfortable.

Jennifer entered the room shortly after Velia, having been walking behind her in the corridor for a very short time, but not being able to think of anything to say to start up a conversation. She glanced around quickly, before making for the nearest seat that wasn't next to anyone else's, allowing others to join her if they wanted, but not intruding on anyone else, as they all so far seemed to have chosen to sit alone for now.

Kevin followed Jennifer with Charlotte holding his hand.

"Now, you go get some ice cream from the replicator and be quiet for dad ok?" he asked. Charlotte nodded and wandered off to the Replicator hoping to get some nice chocolate ice cream as a treat. Kevin meanwhile joined the crowd and waited for Iluvar to enter.

Dr. Evans moseyed in, a PADD in hand. He stopped just as he entered the door, his focus intent on the contents of the device, then looked up realizing he was in the way. He made his way to one of the few empty seats left and continued studying the PADD until the meeting started.

"Good morning, Michael," Earlond said, glancing over at the doctor. "You going to be reading that the whole time? You might want to listen a bit to the admiral..." He gave a small smile.

Michael rose his eyebrows and dragged his eyes from the text. "Huh? Oh... Yeah," he sighed, "I guess it would be rather rude of me." He placed the PADD in front of him on the table, carefully lining it up with the edge. "I've been trying to play 'catch up' these past few days." He gestured at the PADD as he settled into his chair, "Apparently there's a new neurolytic enzyme that the Kitarians are selling. Pretty nasty stuff." He frowned slightly, apparently halfway losing himself in his thoughts.

McNeil had arrived early, gotten a mug of raktajino, and settled into a corner to observe the goings-on as other members of the crew arrived. He had a few theories as to what this meeting was going to be about, but hadn't been able to confirm any of them. Admiral Iluvar was good at keeping a secret when he wanted to be.

The doors to the mess hall slid open again and Iluvar entered the room. He smiled at the assembled officers as he made his way to the front of the group. Taking up position in front of one of the large viewports along one wall, he glanced at the PADD in his hand before clearing his throat.

"Thank you for coming," he said, "I know you'd all rather be spending your time enjoying your shoreleave and the opportunities this station has to offer, but I wanted to get some business out of the way first."

Andeti sipped her coffee, tossing a glance around the room as she gauged the mood of those around her. Nervously optimistic, was her immediate diagnosis and she turned herself back to the Admiral as she enjoyed another sip.

Evans looked up, catching an aroma. He glanced around until he saw Andeti's coffee and gazed wistfully at the beverage realizing he had forgotten his own. Then, realizing Iluvar was speaking, he turned his attention to the Admiral.

Velia's fingers busied themselves as she absent-mindedly fiddled with folds in her uniform. Shoreleave seemed to be a lot less exciting for her than everyone else had made it out to be. She had no desire to be falsely friendly with others and nothing on the starbase had yet presented itself as anything she'd consider appealing. Hoping that something interesting for her to fill her time with would come out of this meeting, she refocused her attentions on Iluvar.

*I really hope this isn't just going to be a pep talk about the Elyshans.* Margaret thought. *What's so important that it couldn't just be sent out in a memo?*

"As I'm sure you are aware, crew performance evaluations were recently conducted in each department," Iluvar continued, "Based on what I have read and from what I have seen in the daily performance of this crew, I am sorry to say that there are some serious gaps where we are lacking. Where to start?"

Earlond glanced around discreetly, gauging the reactions of the crew. It was interesting that Iluvar had chosen this approach, but Earlond wasn't complaining - by the expressions starting to appear on many of the faces, Earlond expected some entertainment out of this.

Evans blinked, trying to recall where his department might be faulty. He was a little late filing the most recent QA reports, and he kicked himself for his procrastination.

McNeil quirked an eyebrow at Iluvar's statement, noting the expressions on the faces of those present. He was sure every officer in the room was thinking along the same lines. Drinking the last gulp of his coffee, McNeil set the mug down on the table next to him.

"Lieutenant Commander McNeil, Lieutenant Fala, Lieutenant Evans, Ensign Lockheart, and Ensign Andeti," Iluvar announced, his gaze resting on each officer in turn, "step forward."

That call surprised McNeil, but he dutifully stood, straightened his jacket, and walked forward.

Awen raised an eyebrow slightly before standing, curious as to what Iluvar had to say. She hadn't been aboard the Tethys all that long to begin with... What could be going on exactly? The Bajoran's mind raced as she thought of the different scenarios.

Michael stood with an internal sigh, bracing himself for whatever might come.

Jenni stood and approached the Admiral, somewhat nervous, wondering what exactly Iluvar had meant in 'gaps that were missing', and silently running through a mental checklist of anything she thought she might have done wrong as she slowly walked forwards.

Hannah had jumped at being addressed and immediately felt the nerves of the room closing in on her own. With cool fingers, she lowered her mug to the ground and stepped up behind Ensign Lockheart, coming to attention beside her.

"As I said, I was quite disturbed to find that this crew has been significantly lacking during our most recent assessment," Iluvar explained, "I have spoken with Commander Earlond and he agrees that something must be done to correct this situation so that we might improve our efficiency and perform our duties to the fullest extent. Therefore, for absolute disregard of the limits of their duties and failure to be content with mere complacency, I am left with no alternative than to...promote...the officers before you."

The counselor laughed, a single barking laugh that she immediately cut off, forcing herself back to an attitude of controlled calm. At least she wasn't the only one who appeared surprised by this announcement.

Awen looked over her shoulder, finding Kiral (PNPC) in the small crowd. The Maran looked as surprised as Awen imagined she did herself.

"According to ship's log and official record," Iluvar continued, smiling at the looks of surprise on the faces of his crew, "I hereby recognize the promotion of Commander McNeil, Lieutenant Commander Fala, Lieutenant Commander Evans, Lieutenant JG Lockheart, and Lieutenant JG Andeti. Congratulations to all of you."

Awen had to admit, she had never been given a promotion in this manner. Really, she was a bit surprised she had been included, considering her short time aboard the vessel - especially compared to some of the others. Apparently Iluvar and Earlond felt she was doing well in her position, which was good to know. The Bajoran had to admit she was proud of herself and vowed to work with the rest of her department to help them become even better at their jobs as well.

Jenni was speechless as the Admiral announced that rather than a punishment, she'd be receiving her first promotion as an officer in Starfleet. She had of course dreamed of rising through the ranks at record-breaking speeds as all Starfleet Academy cadets had done, but she had never realistically imagined she'd be receiving her promotion to Lieutenant JG so soon after graduation. "Thank you, Sir," she finally managed to stammer.

Zander allowed himself a wry smile as the officers gazed at the Admiral in a mixture of stunned silence and unbridled jubilation. His notes began to roll onto another page as he noted the other faces in the room. Some who had been expecting one themselves, some who had come down with the morbid desire of seeing some officers get taken down a peg. Strange method, Iluvar. He thought as he noted the names of the promoted officers down on his PaDD as well as the names of those who looked less than pleased for their colleagues.

Margaret who, admittedly, had been a little nervous for her fellow crew mates, broke into a smile. She had seen the promotions of many people in her day but she had never seen any promotion ceremony done quite like this. She continued to smile as she looked on towards where the recently promoted crew members were standing.

Lieutenant jg Andeti allowed herself to grin as she turned to the Admiral. "Thank you, sir." She had never been an ambitious officer, but she was affected more than she would have suspected at the surprise of it. She must be doing something right, after all.

McNeil smiled broadly, but he couldn't help but wonder if Admiral Meyer had had anything to do with this. He certainly didn't want to appear to be benefiting from any form of favoritism. He knew Iluvar trusted him more now than he had when he'd first come aboard, but they still had a long way to go.

Nodding to no one in particular, Velia couldn’t help but wonder if they shouldn’t be applauding the new promotions. Her thoughts, like Zander’s, flittered over the unconventional way Iluvar had chosen to present the good news. ‘This ship just gets stranger by the day’ she half-smiled to herself. The misdirection was something she could appreciate though, and did.

Michael blinked. Then the reality settled. He'd been promoted. Rank hadn't been one of his great ambitions in Starfleet, not necessarily being required in the medical field. But since his new interest in and exploration of Command he had found it somewhat awkward at times remaining a lieutenant. Nonetheless he was a little surprised to find himself pleased with his new rank.

Setting the PADD on a nearby table, Iluvar picked up five small boxes and approached the line of officers. One by one, he moved down the line to pass the boxes out to their respective owners.

"Commander McNeil," Iluvar said, handing off the first box and shaking the man's hand, "I know I was a little brief when you came aboard, but it has been a pleasure serving with you. I look forward to your service with us continuing."

"Thank you, Admiral," McNeil replied as he accepted the box and the offered hand. "I'll do my best, as always."

Nodding, Iluvar took one step to his right before handing the second box to Fala Awen. "Congratulations," he told her, offering his free hand for a shake, "I don't think we could have found a better officer to replace Mr. Earlond. Keep up the good work."

Giving him a slight smile and nod, Awen shook his hand,"Thank you, sir; you'll have my best." As he began to step away from her, Awen glanced down at the box now in her hands. She didn't want to take out the new half pip just yet - they were still at the 'ceremony' such as it was - but she gently ran her thumb over the top of the box. So far this assignment had been working out for her, unlike the others.

Iluvar smiled as he moved on to the next person in line, passing off the third box. "Who would have thought, eh doctor," Iluvar asked with a twinkle in his eye, "They say a man will only truly know leadership when the responsibility is thrust upon him. Thank you, doctor. You have been an incredible asset to this crew."

Dr. Evans' face flushed. "Uh, s-uh... thank you, sir," he stammered out, then turned a deeper shade at his lack of articulation. He almost brought the box up and opened it without thinking but caught himself and quickly returned to attention, clasping it firmly in his hand.

"Lieutenant JG," Iluvar said as he moved on to stand before Lockheart, "How does it feel to get your first promotion?"

"Excellent, sir," Jenni responded, a smile beaming on her face. "I'd never have thought it would come this early."

"Remember, lieutenant, good things come in small packages," Iluvar replied, passing the fourth box to her with a smile. Shaking her hand, he moved on to the final officer in the line and looked her straight in the eye.

The counselor couldn't hold back a grin, even though she remained at attention. "That was very amusing, sir, thank you." She was continually impressed with the Admiral's originality in his command and found herself appreciating the honour he was showing her all the more for it.

"The pleasure has been mine, lieutenant," Iluvar replied, stepping to the side so that everyone could see the newly promoted officers clearly. Turning to address the entire room, Iluvar said, "Now...enjoy your shoreleave. That's an order."


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