Taking Time – Visiting Sickbay
by Commander Christopher McNeil & Lieutenant Commander Michael Evans

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Title   Visiting Sickbay
Mission   Taking Time
Author(s)   Commander Christopher McNeil & Lieutenant Commander Michael Evans
Posted   Wed Jan 27, 2010 @ 4:14pm
Location   Sickbay, USS Tethys
Timeline   1430, Day 2
ON: [USS Tethys, Sickbay, Day 2, 1430]

"I'd have thought he'd be taking some time off," Lucsly commented quietly as he and Special Agent Dulmer approached the entrance to the main ward of the Tethys' Sickbay. Much like Agent Dulmer's comment a few hours earlier, it was not a question, but was an inquiry to his partner.

"He may be a work-aholic, as many doctors are. Or he could have needed to pick something up from his office," Dulmer speculated, keeping his voice low as the passed a few officers in the corridor. "But, nonetheless, the computer states that he's here."

Lucsly only nodded as they stepped through the door to Sickbay. As the pair stopped just inside the door, Lucsly looked around for the person they wished to speak to. He called out, "Doctor Evans?"

Evans emerged from his office, cautiously approaching the strange men and taking note of their drab uniforms. "Yes, I'm Doctor Evans," he said. "How can I help you?"

"Special Agents Dulmer and Lucsly, Temporal Investigations," Dulmer stated. "If you have a few moments, Doctor, we'd like to ask you a few questions."

Michael felt a slight flutter in his stomach as they identified themselves. He'd never met anyone from Temporal Investigations before, but he'd heard stories. "Er, certainly," he said. "Please come in." He led them back into his office, made for his chair, and offered them seats. "Can I offer you anything to drink?"

"No, thank you," Lucsly answered as he and Dulmer took their seats. "Doctor, while you were on the planet Gateway, did you or any other member of the away team come into contact with a large, toroidal artifact? Roughly 5 meters tall by 10 meters wide?"

"An object fitting that description was near where we found Volaris," Michael replied carefully. "But none of the away team came in contact that I recall. Why do you ask?"

"I'm afraid we're not at liberty to divulge the nature of the artifact," Dulmer answered. "Suffice to say, Doctor, that it is best for all concerned that no one did come into contact with it."

Michael tried not to roll his eyes. "Of course," he thought.

"According to the reports filed by yourself and the other members of the away team Volaris was already dead when you found him," Lucsly said. "Were you able to determine cause of death?"

"Yes," Dr. Evans said. "Cause of death was a phaser-type energy weapon fired at point blank range impacting his chest. He had other injuries as well, suggesting a struggle." He looked between the two men. "I believe his corpse is still in the station morgue if you need to see it," he suggested. He was relieved that he no longer had custody of the bodies found on the planet, as they had been transferred to the station's CMO the evening of the Tethys' arrival. There they would undergo further autopsy as determined by the physician, and await transport to various families and other authorities for appropriate death rites.

"I'm also willing to open my files for your review if you think it's necessary." Michael hoped that by showing how helpful he was willing to be, these two men would go away sooner. They made him uncomfortable.

"Thank you, but that won't be necessary," Lucsly replied. "Actually, we only have one more question. Could a Starfleet-issue phaser have been the weapon used to kill Volaris?"

Doctor Evans shifted in his seat. "Tissue injury patterns and residual nadion traces were consistent with a weapon like a Starfleet-issue phaser," he said with an even tone.

Dulmer and Lucsly nodded, each making an entry on his respective PADD. "Thank you, Doctor," Dulmer said. "You've been quite helpful."

"Er, glad to be of service," Evans replied.

Dulmer and Lucsly nodded once each, then stood and headed towards the door.


A Joint Post by:

Special Agents Dulmer & Lucsly (NPCs)
Temporal Investigations
As Played By: Commander McNeil


Dr. Michael Evans
CMO / Second Officer
USS Tethys