Simm Rules

Strict Rules
- Please remember that we are a PG-13 simm. This does not mean that posts with excessive violence or overt sexual activity are allowed because they are NOT. Posts of said nature will be deleted!
- Please do not post as somebody else's character. You may only include other people's NPCs in your posts if you have their permission.
- Please inform Captain Iluvar if you cannot be active for any extended period of time (more than 3 days), that way mission events and joint posts can be planned accordingly.
- Please do not contact members of this simm to recruit players for another simm or fleet.
- Please do not harass or insult any member of this crew.
- Please do not deface this site in any way.

- It is known that all crewmembers must post on a regular, and steady manner. If you need help getting some ideas, please let me know and we will try our best to help you.
- Please note that it is our policy to aim for a personal goal of one post, be it a mission post, a joint post, or a personal log, per week. If there is a conflict that you have, please contact the CO and an alternative method can be arranged.
- Department Heads are allowed to add NPCs to their respective departments, but there is a strict limit of two-per-player unless you specifically request permission for more. Please note that NPCs are like "recurring characters" on our simm who you intend to develop or reuse on a regular basis. Characters you randomly create for the sake of having them in a post should NOT be added as NPCs.
- When in doubt, please contact Captain Iluvar.
- If you need help with anything, please contact Captain Iluvar.
- Please review the "Posting Guidelines" section of our database before posting.
- Please vote/nominate awards at the end of each mission as directed.

As of December 1, 2008, the USS Tethys is adopting the following Posting Policy:

1. To help maintain a steady flow of mission plots, all players are expected to post on a regular basis.
2. All players must post no less than four times per month.
3. Posts include mission posts, joint posts, or personal logs.
4. Mission posts or joint posts can be from a player�s character or that of an NPC.
5. A player should attempt to post at least once per week, though it is not required I highly recommend aiming for this goal.
6. If a player cannot meet the posting requirement, they must contact the CO and inform him of the circumstances preventing them from doing so.
7. Failure to meet the posting requirement on a regular basis without explanation will result in the player receiving a strike.

The Command Staff of this ship reserves the right to amend these rules at any time on an as-needed basis.