USS Tethys NCC-76503

Recently commissioned as part of Horizon Fleet, the USS Tethys is Starfleet's newest Prometheus-class vessel and was constructed at the Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards in orbit of Mars. The Tethys combines a number of the latest breakthroughs in Starfleet technology from both the testing of her predecessor, the USS Prometheus, as well as advancements discovered by the crew of the USS Voyager during their time in the Delta Quadrant.

Thanks to new developments in warp field technology, the Tethys has been able to break many of the speed records set by previous Starfleet vessels. Engineers have also improved the warp field geometry such that the Multi-Vector Assault Mode can be initiated at higher warp speeds without a need to drop to lower speeds for the procedure.

Armaments have been upgraded with newer, more powerful phaser banks and added torpedo launchers both fore and aft. Thanks to some ingenious work while on her first mission, the Tethys is equipped with a unique method of hull polarization that has not been seen since the days of the NX Warp 5 vessels in the 22nd Century. This was due to the crew?s need to discover a way to better defend the vessel while operating in areas where shields were not feasible.

Though the Tethys is technically classified as a Long-Range Tactical Vessel, she has been equipped with an expanded sensor palette that allows her crew to conduct more scientific research and observation.