Mission Summaries

Taking Time
The Pandora Effect
The Battle of Altorus
Having received the distress call sent by Raemet on behalf of the ambassador, Starfleet began diverting ships in the region to the Altorus system. Led by Commodore Iluvar of the USS Tethys, the USS Tigris, USS Tizona, USS Carthage, USS Wandering Explorer (NPC), and USS Midnight (NPC) arrived at Altorus to await the Ambassador's shuttle.

Upon hearing of the Ambassador's situation, Lieutenant JG Jacob "Jake" Warrington, who at that time was overseeing the refit of the USS Frontier, stole the vessel from Utopia Planetia and set a course for the Altorus System. En route, the Frontier rondevoused with a Klingon Bird-of-Prey under the command of Lt. Mor'tah and Commander Sarah Vickers. The two ships proceeded to the location together.

When the Ambassador's shuttle arrived, it was pursued by an Elyshan Battleship and six frigates. The Elyshan sovereign was unwilling to work out the disagreement and demanded the shuttle and its occupants. Commodore Iluvar knew that the only way to get to the truth was to speak to the Ambassador, herself. At an impass, the two fleets opened fire on one another.

Immediately, it was apparent that Elyshan subspace technology was far superior to Federation weaponry. With no way to penetrate Elyshan shields and no defense for the subspace weapons, Federation forces began to take a hard beating. The surprise arrival of the USS Frontier and Klingon BoP offered a window of opportunity for the Tethys to enter Multi-Vector Assault Mode. Still, the additional firepower seemed to not be enough.

Eventually, it was discovered that tri-cobalt devices had enough yield to create "dimples" in the shielding of the Elyshan frigates, allowing conventional weapons to impact the hull of the vessel. This was still not enough to defeat the superior shielding of the Elyshan battleship.

It was then that Lieutenant JG David Skii, aboard the USS Midnight, piloted the heavily damaged vessel directly into the battleship's shields. At the last moment, he was beamed to safety by the USS Tigris. The dual cores of the Midnight provided enough power to overwhelm the battleship's shields, giving the fleet the opportunity to disable the ship and bring a stop to the fighting.

Knowing that it was only a stalemate at that point, Iluvar ordered the shuttle retrieved and the fleet back to the safety of Federation space. They would rendezvous at Starbase 386.

Much to the surprise of all involved, the conflict that they had just engaged in did not erupt into a war. As the commanding officers of Horizon Fleet gathered at Starbase 386 to sort out the follow-up to recent events, the Federation Council announced that they would not be declaring war on the Elyshan Empire at this time.

In the end, the USS Frontier was returned to Utopia Planetia to complete her refit while Ambassador Ocal and her crew would be debriefed. The torch was being passed on to a new group of commanders who would continue to man the front lines, doing their best to prevent the outbreak of war. For his actions during the Battle of Altorus and in recognition of his new responsibilities regarding the Elyshan situation, former Commodore Iluvar was promoted to Rear Admiral.
Dark Reflections
After a brief layover at Starbase 386, where former Captain Iluvar was promoted to the rank of Commodore, the USS Tethys departed for a region known as the Golden Discontinuity. Similar in appearance and environment as the infamous Badlands, the Golden Discontinuity hosts conditions that may be conducive to the formation of wormholes, whether artificial or natural. Still relatively uncharted, the region holds many secrets that Starfleet Command wishes to investigate further. From the outset, this mission appears to be rather routine.

Approximately one day into their survey of the Golden Discontinuity, the USS Tethys stumbles across an abandoned mining asteroid. Leading an away team consisting of himself, Lieutenant Michael Evans, Commander Earlond, and Lieutenant River Kyle, Commodore Iluvar begins an investigation of the mining facility. The away mission is cut short by the discovery of a strange banner consisting of the Cardassian raptor clutching the Klingon trifoil. Iluvar orders an immediate beam-out, returning the team to the Tethys.

Unbeknownst to the residents of the Primary Universe, Iluvar Ibanya, mirror counterpart to Commodore Iluvar, has been planning his mission for some time. Careful study and set-up has gone into perfecting the perfect plan to ignite a war and save his people. The crux of his plan relies on trading places with his counterpart and taking on the role of a Starfleet officer.

When the away team rematerializes on the transporter pad of the USS Tethys, they are unaware that a change has taken place. Commodore Iluvar is no longer among them, having been replaced by his counterpart from the mirror universe. A briefing of the senior staff is called where Iluvar Ibanya fills them in on the nature of the situation, albeit somewhat editorialized for content. He informs them that the Alliance must be operating the base, or had operated it in the past, and orders a more thorough investigation begun. Focus is to be paid on how the station works and seeing if it can be utilized to take the Tethys into the Mirror Universe.

A second away team returns to the station in search of answers, only to find more questions. Perhaps most shocking, and slightly disturbing, are two gruesome discoveries: an unknown corpse and a mysterious, ape-like figure. An autopsy performed by the Tethys medical staff reveal the corpse to be that of a Terran slave who attempted to seek shelter when life-support failed. Before answers can be found as to the nature of the ape-being, a method for crossing over is stumbled upon. Pleased at the success, Iluvar Ibanya orders the go ahead, leading the Tethys and her crew into the Mirror Universe.

The ride is far from smooth, leaving the Tethys banged up and her crew a bit shaken. While picking up the pieces, they set course for the Alesci system, which happens to lie on the disputed border between the Alliance and the Romulan-Federation. It is Iluvar Ibanya's hope that the presence of the Tethys will be enough to ignite war between the two tyrannical peoples and bring each empire crumbling down. All this must be kept secret from the crew of his counterpart and he will go to any lengths to ensure that it remains such. Suspicion begins to rise when the commodore's mentor hologram, Peter, vanishes shortly after voicing concerns to Doc. Crewman Patterson meets with Lieutenant Fala Awen to share his concerns, but there is noticeable fear in the young man. One by one, the senior officers of the Tethys begin to have doubts about the behavior of their leader.

Taking these concerns seriously, Lt. Awen devises a plan to hopefully unmask, or at least confirm, their suspicions regarding Iluvar. Having found Peter locked away in a data storage node, they create the false set-up that he has been retrieved and wishes to make a statement. This would hopefully flush out the one who had attacked Peter in the first place. As the conspirators wait in darkness, they are not surprised to see Iluvar enter the room. Unfortunately, aside from a few small deviations, Iluvar Ibanya manages to evade their trap.

Meanwhile, Commodore Iluvar had awoken to find himself in the fighter of his counterpart. Before he was able to restore power, however, he was approached and captured by an Alliance warship. While aboard, he suffered torture at the hands of a Cardassian Gul before being thrown in a cell to wait for death or enslavement.

Suspicions continued to rise aboard the Tethys as the ship arrived at Alesci Prime. It wasn't long before they attracted the attention of hostile visitors. All was going according to Iluvar Ibanya's plan. Neither side was willing to believe that the other did not have a hand in the arrival of the Tethys. Moments later, the Tethys found itself the center of a three way firefight. In the middle of the battle, Commodore Iluvar emerged from the turbolift to confront his counterpart. Confused, it didn't take long for the crew to realize who the real Iluvar was. Before the counterpart could be apprehended, a console exploded, causing him severe injuries.

Resuming command of his ship, Iluvar ordered Lt. Fala to target all weapons on the lead Alliance vessel. It proved to be the weak point in the enemy lines and sufficient enough to allow the damaged Tethys to escape. They didn't get far before Warp Drive failed and they slowed to impulse power. Safe for the moment, they began to take stock of their wounds.

While Ensign Lockheart and Lieutenant JG Brown worked to find a way to restore vital systems, Iluvar payed a visit to sickbay, accompanied by Earlond and Fala Awen. Iluvar's counterpart was dying and had only one last request to make of the commodore before passing, that he would go to Ba'ku and take custody of Aris (NPC), the mirror-Iluvar's son. Iluvar Ibanya died shortly afterward. True to his word, Commodore Iluvar ordered the Tethys to the Briar Patch of the Mirror Universe in search of the new Ba'ku planet.

Iluvar Ibanya's body was returned to the Ba'ku people. Despite his actions against the Tethys and her crew, Commodore Iluvar felt that the Ba'ku of the Mirror Universe deserved the same respect as those he knew in the Prime Universe. While at Ba'ku, the commodore met Aris for the first time and, as per his counterpart's dying request, took the boy into his custody. Shortly after the away team returned to the Tethys, the ship came under attack by Alliance scouts. Iluvar was not willing to allow the Alliance to discover the Ba'ku, so he ordered Lt. Fala to destroy the scoutship.

This most recent engagement further drained the Tethys' dwindling resources and there was some question as to whether they would be able to return to their own universe. Iluvar ordered course set for the mirror-Golden Discontinuity in hopes of finding the counterpart to the station that had been on the prime side of the mirror. No sooner had they entered the Discontinuity then they stumbled upon two vessels moving in. The first of these vessels was the Terran Defiant, commanded by Smiley O'Brien of Terok Nor. The second was the mirror-Voyager, under the command of the mirror-Janeway. Both ships were attempting to launch an attack on the mining outpost to free the slaves imprisoned there. Iluvar managed to convince Smiley that if they worked together, they might all get what they want.

Together, the three ships launched an assault on the station, targeting the defenses and shields. As the two Terran Resistance vessels began to beam the laborers out, Ensign Lockheart interfaced with the station's power core. It was soon discovered that some paranoid Alliance officer had initiated the station's self-destruct. With only moments to spare, Iluvar ordered Lockheart to activate the deflector. As the mining station erupted into brilliant explosions, the Tethys slipped through the mirror and back into her own universe.

Battered, shaken, but alive, the Tethys set a course for Starbase 386. It had been a rough ride; an experience none of them would soon forget. The Tethys would need repairs and the crew would certainly benefit from shoreleave. Following their arrival at Starbase 386, Iluvar submitted an encrypted report to Starfleet Command on the entire matter for review.
Hopeful Future
Spectres of the Past
Having finally arrived at Starbase 624 following the destruction of the USS Warsaw, the crew of the Tethys hopes to find a bit of relaxation as they take aboard supplies and crew. Looking forward, Captain Iluvar is looking to see the Tethys perform a few milder assignments, a change of pace for the ship and crew.

A surprise visit from Captain Anastasia Webster, Deputy JAG of Horizon Fleet, accompanied by Major Ryan Grimes, foreshadows the changes to come. Captain Webster comes with a warrant for the arrest of Major Serafina Palacios on charges relating to an earlier classified mission that she had been involved in. As the arrest is made, it is learned that Major Grimes has been assigned as the Tethys' acting marine CO for the duration of Palacios' absence.

As the newest members of the crew begin to settle in and the current members help them to get acclimated, they continue to wait for an assignment. Early the next morning, Captain Iluvar receives a transmission from Admiral Alynna Necheyev (NPC) at Deep Space Twelve. Within hours, he has departed the ship, leaving the Tethys under the command of Commander T'Lara Elbrun.

Later that morning, the commander receives mission orders from Admiral Necheyev to head up negotiations with the Tzenkethi near the Briar Patch. Over the past few decades, the Tzenkethi have been conducting raids into Federation space. Since the close of the Dominion War, these raids have become more frequent and, in some cases, more violent. To assist in the negotiations, Necheyev has assigned Captain Webster to the diplomatic team.

The Tethys departs under the command of Commander Elbrun, en route for the rendezvous with the Tzenkethi delegation. Meanwhile, deep inside the Briar Patch, Captain Iluvar has run into trouble. He has found the source of the Isolytic readings that he has been tracking, but now he has become prisoner of some sort of alien race. At the same time, Major Palacios' tribunal has begun and, already, surprises have been uncovered.

When the Tethys arrives at the arranged coordinates, they find that the Tzenkethi are already waiting. As preparations for the negotiations continue, sensors detect faint isolytic readings in the area. Lt. Dancer decides to investigate these readings, knowing that they are very rare, and hoping to determine if they are from the Tzenkethi or from some other source.

Within a few short hours, the negotiations begin to degrade as the Tzenkethi begin to accuse the Federation of attacking their outposts, citing readings of Isolytic energy as evidence of said attacks. This confuses the diplomatic team, as they are unaware of any Federation use of Isolytic energy. As Captain Webster and Commander Elbrun struggle to maintain the order of the negotiations, events elsewhere have begun to unfold.

Iluvar has not had the opportunity to get any answers from his captors, who have treated him as some sort of intruder. Just as his captors appear to be ready to commit some action, the alien vessel comes under attack. The Starfleet captain was surprised to find himself rescued by another race from deep inside the Briar Patch known as the Lycians. Led by their Prince, Seth, the Lycians successfully escape the Rhokari vessel and intend to turn Iluvar over to the Starfleet vessels that have been searching for Iluvar's shuttle.

During this time, the proceedings of Palacios' tribunal have concluded after hearing testimony from various witnesses regarding a disastrous accident involving Omega that resulted in the death of over 800 civilians. The tribunal renders a verdict that Major Palacios be reinstated as Marine CO, but with a two year promotion stop for her involvement. Furthermore, the records of her involvement with Sigma as well as the organization itself have been opened to officers of both the marine corps and Starfleet.

As negotiations heat up and the Rhokari get ever closer to striking at their target, Iluvar and his newfound allies must find a way to warn the crew of the Tethys before it is too late. Isolytic energy levels begin to rise, causing problems for the Tethys as it begins to interfere with critical systems. Furthermore, the Tzenkethi are convinced that the readings are evidence to some Federation plot as they become more hostile by the minute.

Negotiations break down at the arrival of an alien vessel. Isolytic energy levels have begun to disrupt the Tethys' systems and the crew has no doubt that the same has occurred to the Tzenkethi. Cadet Bishop comes up with an idea to use all three warp cores to help alleviate the growing strain on the primary core. The plan works and none too soon as the Rohkari's intent becomes clear.

Thankfully, in the nick of time, the calvary arrives, led by Captain Iluvar and the Lycians. With the aid of the USS Excelsior, the USS Helena, and the USS Independance out of DS12, they are successful in thwarting the Rohkari's plans. Allowing the aliens to limp away, Iluvar returns to the Tethys.

As repairs are begun, Iluvar asks the Tzenkethi to re-open negotiations, hosting the ambassador aboard the Tethys one last time. With help from Commander Elbrun and Captain Webster, he convinces the Tzenkethi to stick to the talks. It is with this positive note that the Tethys departs for Starbase 386, the end of another successful mission.
Ghost Ship
The USS Warsaw was selected to be the testbed for Starfleet's newest attempt at a transwarp drive. It was hoped that such a breakthrough would even the playing field against the Borg, should they ever return. Like the Excelsior before her, the Warsaw was a failure. This time, however, the entire ship vanished without a trace. Now she's returned and it's up to the crew of the Tethys to find out what happened to her. What dark secrets is this derelict hiding?


After nearly a month waiting for a replacement warp core to be installed, the USS Tethys is back in the game. The USS Tethys is en route to Starbase 624 where Captain Iluvar, Doctor Evans, and Lieutenant Commander Earlond plan on participating in a conference hosted by Starfleet Command.

En route to the conference, the Tethys is contacted by the USS Sovereign and ordered to drop out of warp and await further instructions. Lt. Cmdr. Earlond, in command of the shift at the time, complies.

The Sovereign arrives and transfers over Cmdr. Mason Miller, a mission advisor and specialist, before warping away almost immediately. The commander briefs some of the Tethys senior staff on the USS Warsaw and her experimental transwarp drive. Their job is to find and attempt to determine what happened to the Warsaw.

Forced to leave Dr. Evans waiting at Starbase 624, the Tethys diverts to Sector 551. En route, the crew begins analyzing the transmission received by Starfleet and attempting to find out what might have happened to the Warsaw. Lt. Cmdr. Earlond and his team attempt to determine if the Warsaw was attacked. They also develop contingency plans for such an occurrence including various tactical scenarios. At the same time, Lt. Dancer's team begins to break down the technical information in an attempt to see if it was a flaw in design that caused such an accident to occur. In truth, the answer would not be revealed until they reached the Warsaw itself.

By the morning of the third day, the Tethys has arrived at Sector 551. Almost immediately, they locate the Warsaw adrift. Moving into transporter range, Captain Iluvar baffles many of his senior staff by leading the away team himself. The team's purpose is two-fold: find any possible survivors and restore main power in hopes of finding out what happened.

Restoring main power is the easy part, but trying to access ship logs is where the crew hits a roadblock. There seems to be little evidence to explain what happened to the Warsaw crew. Yet, the transwarp has been physically severed from the rest of the Warsaw systems. It's almost as if someone didn't want it to be used. Was this the result of sabotage?

Suddenly, Crewman Andrews (NPC) goes missing and Earlond's investigation quickly turns up some disturbing information. Soon afterwards, Doc (NPC) finds some news of his own regarding the only surviving crewmember of the Warsaw. Time is starting to run out as the pieces begin to fall into place...

Thanks to the efforts of Doc (NPC), the crew learns that the Transwarp drive was responsible for the death of the crew aboard the Warsaw. Not only that, but Crewman Andrews (NPC) has turned up in sickbay, dead from the same effects. Captain Iluvar orders an immediate evacuation of the Warsaw.

Once everyone is safely back aboard the Tethys, Iluvar realizes that it has come down to a very important decision. If they allow the Warsaw to remain, the field surrounding the transwarp drive will continue to affect that region of space, maybe even expand. The order to destroy the Warsaw is given and Iluvar watches as the vessel is vaporized on the main viewer.

With the Tethys en route to Starbase 624, Iluvar is now faced with the daunting task of filing his own report regarding the situation. The hardest part is drafting the letter to Crewman Andrews (NPC) parents.
Shifting Shadows
Following an overhaul and some shoreleave time at Starbase 386-B, the USS Tethys is assigned to patrol the border between Federation and Elyshan Space. Due to the Valedonians recent development of warp drive, Rear Admiral Locke suspects that one of the Elyshan factions might take the opportunity to strike, hoping to gain access to the Valedonians secrets. He has asked Captain Iluvar and the Tethys to help keep an eye on the border to deter any possible crossings.

The Tethys departs for the Elyshan border and arrives to find all is well. As she begins her patrol, the crew settles into a routine of system diagnostics and relaxation. Some even get the chance to work on their command skills. While Ensign Banks assists Lt. Earlond on Beta Shift and Lt. Evans prepars for his first night watch, Ensign Cygnus and Lt. Gor worked to iron out the bugs in the new holographic communications system. It would appear that a glitch in the new system has given Captain Iluvar’s mentor hologram the same freedom of movement enjoyed by Doc (NPC).

As the two try to track down Captain Iluvar's mentor hologram, Lt. Cmdr. Ramsey has stepped into her new role as XO. Along with Lt. Dancer and Lt. JG Gor, she leads an investigation to learn what Starfleet knows about their Elyshan neighbors. The investigation turns up few results, as contact between the two powers has only recently begun to take place. By this time, Peter (NPC) has stumbled upon Doc and the two begin to form the initial bonds of friendship.

Night soon settles upon the ship and Lt. JG Evans finds himself in the center chair, slightly nervous. A relaxing cup of coffee soon settles that as the Tethys continues its patrol along the border. Early in the morning, a subspace distortion is detected. Lt. Evans orders the ship to yellow alert and has Crewman Andrews (NPC) adjust course to investigate. They arrive on the scene to find a floating debris field, but no sign of the anomaly that created it. At the same moment, Captain Iluvar arrives on the bridge. Leaving the young doctor in command, he retires to his ready room to investigate the readings. This does not last long.

Without warning, a large vessel decloaks opposite the Tethys. Captain Iluvar returns to the bridge and orders that the alien vessel be hailed...with no response. Realizing that the waiting game has begun, Iluvar summons his senior staff to the bridge. Tired and still half-asleep, they rouse themselves out of bed and report as ordered. For the next four hours, they wait…watching.

When the vessel continues to ignore all attempts at communication, Iluvar orders everyone to return to their normal duty schedule. Lieutenants Dancer and Gor as well as Ensign Cygnus are in charge of investigating the debris to determine where it came from. As far as they can tell, the debris is the remains of a Starfleet vessel, which does not bode well, given the recent disappearance of the USS Orlando while escorting delegates to the Q-8 conference.

As ship evening begins, the Elyshans finally reply to the Tethys' hails. Sovereign Rokar of the Paldor has come to investigate the debris as well as keep an eye on a Prometheus-class ship on their border. Iluvar agrees to a brief exchange of information, though he chooses to withhold information pertaining to some of the conclusions they have drawn.

Early the next morning, the analysis reveals a startling discovery: the debris is the remains of the USS Tethys, from nearly a day in the future. While the team attempts to discover the cause and figure out a way to prevent it, Captain Iluvar decides to play host to the Elyshan Sovereign aboard the Tethys, hoping this will cool any tensions between the two commanders, and their peoples.

The two commanding officers eventually come to an agreement, following Iluvar's decision to set his suspicions aside and lay his hand on the table. Shortly after Sovereign Rokar returns to the Paldor, both vessels suddenly come under attack by a number of smaller, Elyshan craft.

The attack begins to take its toll on both the Paldor and the Tethys. Suddenly, there is a brilliant explosion as one of the Paldor's subspace weapons detonates, creating a subspace rift that becomes attracted to the Tethys' warp core. Quick thinking on the part of Ensign Cygnus and the core is ejected; sacrificed to save the ship from becoming the debris they had already encountered. The plan works, though the battle has not been without cost.

With Lt. Cmdr. T'Laura Ramsey unconscious in sickbay and repairs underway, Captain Iluvar decides to check in on his first officer. The news is not good. According to Doctor Evans, Ramsey will require weeks, if not months to recuperate under the care of Starfleet Medical.

While the Tethys awaits the arrival of the USS Redderick, which has been assigned to relieve the Tethys of its patrol duties, Lt. Earlond has made a startling discovery. With the help of Ensign Banks, he must take down the head of the Organization that has been manipulating him for years. This dangerous man is closer than anyone could have expected...

Grue, head of the Organization that Lt. Earlond turned his back on, believes that he has manipulated all the pieces. He is apprehended by Lt. Earlond and Ensign Banks, but he soon manages to make an escape attempt. Much to everyone's surprise, he is stopped by none other than Captain Iluvar, himself. Placed in a brig cell, Grue is questioned by the captain before eventually being turned over to authorities at Starbase 386-B.

Upon the Tethys' arrival at Starbase 386, she is placed in drydock to await a replacement warp core. In the meantime, the crew is given a chance to relax and spend some time taking advantage of the shoreleave opportunities. New personnel, including the Tethys' new XO, Commander T'Lara Elburn, come aboard for the first time to become better acquainted with their new home.
New Earth
The USS Tethys departed Starbase 165 ahead of schedule following a classified meeting between Commander Iluvar and station commander, Admiral Robertson (NPC). On course for Sierra 129, their goal, though unknown to the crew, is to discover what happened to the Nova-class USS Bermes.

Complicating the matter, the Argo transport was retrieved some time after departins SB165. Lt. Earlond had used the vessel as part of a top secret mission from some unknown organization within Starfleet. This mission resulted in the death of Ensign Cheron (NPC) and the serious injury of Ensign Banks. Because of this, Mr. Dresrock, suspected in the attack on Ensign Banks and the death of Ensign Cheron (NPC), has been placed in the brig. Furthermore, Lt. Earlond has been stripped of rank and privlage and confined to the brig as well for his actions. Ensign Banks is currently recovering under the care of the EMH. Cmdr. Iluvar requested that Lt. T'Laura Ramsey conduct full psych evals on both Mr. Dresrock and Mr. Earlond.

While the psych evals are taking place, Iluvar has requested that an engineering team search the Argo for any evidence as to what transpired during Earlond's away mission. Meanwhile, the EMH is getting ready to wake poor Ensign Banks and has requested the presence of Commander Iluvar for that event.

As the Tethys races towards Sierra-129, things are not as calm as they appear to be. Subcommander Volaris (NPC) is causing trouble in Main Engineering regarding his cloaking device. Long-range sensors have located Sierra-129, but the readings are quite erratic. With Iluvar bogged down dealing with the mission and the ongoing investigation, command duties have settled on Lt. Cmdr. Knight and Lt. Dancer.

Things are progressing slowly as the Tethys arrives at Sierra-129. Ensign Banks is alive and recuperating in the doctor's care, though he will not be able to return to duty for some time. Lt. Raynah's engineering teams attempt to access the message pod discovered aboard the Argo while Lt. Kohr (NPC) attempts to reason with Mr. Earlond. At the same time, Lt. Ramsey must make her report to the commander, who has been doing some research of his own. All this is forced to take a back seat to what the Tethys discovers upon entering orbit of the third planet.

Commander Iluvar calls the senior staff together for a briefing regarding the planet they have now reached. It would appear that the inhabitents have reached a developmental stage similar to that of Earth around the turn of the 20th Century. In order to prevent accidental discovery by the locals, Iluvar orders the cloak activated. The crew given their assignments, Iluvar goes to sickbay to check up on Ensign Banks and chaperone a visit from Mr. Earlond, who has been having second thoughts during his time in the brig. During the visit, Iluvar is pulled away to clear up the misunderstanding caused by the secrecy regarding Banks' treatment by 'Doc'. However, it appears that all is not well with the commander.

Mr. Earlond is returned to his cell where Lt. Kohr (NPC) arrives to ask some questions regarding an encrypted message received by the Argo during the mission. Earlond claims to have no knowledge of such message, but suspicions shift again to Mr. Desrock in the adjoining cell. Earlond's suspicion is further piqued when Subcommander Volaris pays Mr. Desrock a visit. What is it that has the Subcommander and Mr. Desrock whispering in the brig?

Earlond takes it into his own hands to find out. Expertly disabling the security field, he makes his way through the jefferies tubes to Desrock's quarters where he manages to find a PADD. On his way back, however, he is witnessed by Lt. Ramsey. In a bid to make his 'escape' back to his cell, Earlond floods the area with mental 'noise' and slips away. By the time he returns, the brig officer doesn't even know he's left. Ramsey, on the other hand, decides to find out what this is about and returns for another visit. Will Earlond give up the answers she seeks?

While the search for the Bermes continues, without success thus far, systems begin to malfunction and go offline. The first, and most noticable is the cloak, which fails mysteriously. Then, one by one, other, seemingly unrelated systems begin to follow. Is this what happened to the Bermes before they disappeared? Lt.'s Dancer and Raynah have continued the search for the Bermes and have come up with the initial theory that the unusual magnetic fields may be what caused the Bermes to disappear.

All this becomes moot as the system failures become more widespread. Then, without warning, a Voldare-type Romulan Warbird decloaks and opens fire on the weakened Tethys. Sustaining heavy damage, the crew take a gamble and prepare to transfer all power to the phaser array in hopes of overwhelming the warbird's defenses. Unfortunately, before this can be accomplished, the Tethys is borded by three intruding parties. As a firefight breaks out on the bridge, Lt. Ramsey and Earlond witness the failure of the brig forcefields, allowing Mr. Desrock to escape. Earlond, with Lt. Ramsey in tow, follow Desrock to Sickbay, where another Reman boarding party is about to finish off poor Ensign Banks. Meanwhile, Lt. Raynah is interrupted when Remans appear in engineering. Luckily, Lt. Kohr (NPC) and Major Palacios arrive with a team to help fend off the intruders. Will it be enough?

As the fight continues, the intruders begin to fall. Marines and security arrive in engineering to help hold off the intruders while Lt. Raynah races to prepare the phaser pulse. On the bridge, the crew manages to stem the attack and bring down the intruding team of Remans before a team of Marines arrive to assist. In sickbay, the fight takes a turn for the worse as Desrock attempts to finish what he started. With Logan Banks in danger and T'Laura between Desrock and his prey...Earlond and Korel both must make decisions.

Finally, the phaser pulse is ready and fired. The overwhelming stream of energy crashes into the warbird, causing it to reel back and limp away...but for how long? And now that the dust has settled, it is time to take an inventory of their damages...and the dead.

While attempting to nurse her own wounds, the Tethys manages to detect a Starfleet signature on the surface. Cmdr Iluvar dispatches a shuttle with Lt. Raynah and Lt. Ramsey to the surface to investigate and, if possible, retreive any Starfleet personnel that may be there. In the meantime, the warbird is still out there and the crew races to prepare the Tethys for another, unavoidable attack. Their suspicions do not go unwarranted...

Just as the shuttle is returning from the surface, the warbird returns. Cmdr Iluvar is forced to order the shuttle to make an emergency landing in the shuttlebay or risk the warbird picking it off on the way back down. In a risky move, the Tethys lowers her shields long enough for the shuttle to enter the bay hot, then raises them just as the warbird enters weapons range. This time, the commander of the warbird decides to talk and it is revealed, to some surprise, that the commander is none other than the traitor, Subcommander Volaris. His intent is and always has been to restore the Romulan Empire to its former greatness.

Just as Iluvar is about to give the order to fire everything the Tethys has left, another vessel arrives on the scene, weapons blazing. Commander Krace of the USS Lincoln detected the two ships on long-range sensors and adjusted course to investigate. Thanks to his timely arrival, the warbird is once again scared off. Is this the end of Subcommander Volaris and his movement? We will have to wait and see.

Commander Krace contacts the damaged Tethys and offers the assistance of his ship and crew. Gratefully, Iluvar accepts and the Lincoln makes the preparations to tow the Tethys to Starbase 386-B. En route, the two commanders meet aboard the Lincoln to discuss recent events regarding the mission. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew is working with Lincoln personnel to begin repairs to the Tethys and continuing to recuperate from their losses.
A Job Well Done
Upon arrival at Starbase 165, repairs were begun on the Tethys. While the crew was granted shoreleave, Commander Iluvar was summoned to a meeting with Admiral Robertson, the station commander. The events of the meeting were classified, but rumors began to circulate regarding the Tethys' newest assignment.

Against the wishes of Commander Iluvar, a marine detachment under the command of Major Palacios was assigned to the Tethys in preparation for her expected departure. While most of the crew took advantage of their shoreleave, a few were reassigned during the interim. Another new face appeared in the form of Lieutenant JG Evans, the new Assistant CMO.

After only a day in dock, Commander Iluvar was once again summoned to an important meeting regarding the upcoming mission. Mere hours later, the Tethys departed for her next assignment at high warp.
Bullied by the Breen
The Breen have always been a mysterious race and it is said that no one has ever seen what a Breen looks like under their helmet. The climate of their home planet is so cold that the Breen have no blood or other liquid circulatory system and are required to wear a refrigeration suit at all times. It has also been known that the Breen are highly resistant to telepathic and empathic penetration due to their unique brain physiology. Other than their alliance with the Dominion during the war, the Breen have been known to raid outposts and vessels near their borders. An attempt to take the Baku planet by freezing it was uncovered by the personnel of Deep Space 12. Starfleet has searched for ways to combat the energy dampening weapon employed on many Breen ships during the Dominion War.

In 2368, the USS Enterprise-D arrived in the Black Cluster to find the Vico virtually destroyed, save for one survivor, a young boy named Timothy. Originally thought to be the work of the Breen, it was later learned that wavefronts in the Black Cluster destroyed the Vico.

The Tethys departed Earth Station McKinley and received new crew members while en route to the Black Cluster, including a stop at Starbase 514. Among these new crewmembers were Lieutenant's Dancer, Ramsey, McMahon and Senior Chief Petty Officer Raynah. Having added new members to their family, the Tethys arrived at it's scheduled patrol assignment with new information: a convoy had been ambushed and obliterated.

While investigating the disappearance of the convoy, the crew discovered that the convoy had made a half-a-light-year devience from their course, right into the clutches of the Black Cluster, a region known for its dangerous anomalies, leaving them weak and open to attack. Suddenly, the Tethys received a distress call from a vessel under attack. The vessel is located on the fringes of the Black Cluster, meaning that the Tethys must enter the area with her shields down, leaving her exposed to any attack that may occur. They arrive to find a derilect ship with a possible survivor aboard.

Because of the nature of the region and the intereferece it produces, the Tethys is unable to beam over an away team. Instead, the team of Lt. Cmdr. Knight, Lt. Earlond, and Ensign Banks, takes one of the shuttles to investigate.

Meanwhile, using a sensor system designed by Lt. Dancer to emulate SONAR, the Tethys learns that a Breen vessel is fast approaching their location. Things only get worse as the Tethys loses all contact with their away team. Without warning, the Tethys comes under fire from an unknown source and, with their shields down, suffers heavy damage in the first blow.

As the crew scrambles to defend themselves and protect the stranded away team, they learn that there are a number of Cardassian civilians aboard the Breen ship. Acting fast, Iluvar orders that they be beamed aboard and secured in Cargo Bay 1. A game of chicken ensues and the Breen are the first to blink. The Cardassians are beamed aboard and the Tethys ignites a trail of plasma, causing the Breen to fall back and retreat.

As Cmdr. Iluvar and Lt. McMahon meet in the ready room, Lt. Dancer takes command of the bridge as SCPO Raynah and Lt. Ramsey go down to the Cargo Bay to investigate. Much to Korel's dismay, the EMH has also taken the initiative and departed for the Cargo Bay to check-up on the survivors. Ramsey and Raynah soon discover that the Cardassians they beamed aboard are nothing more than isomorphic projections.

Meanwhile, on board the derilect vessel, Lt. Cmdr. Knight and Lt. Earlond are closer to locating the stranded survivor. When they find him, however, it is too late. The ship is coming apart around them, but Earlond insists upon rescuing the survivor. Knight is forced to stun the man in order to bring him along back to the shuttle. Thanks to some skillful piloting, Ensign Banks is able to get the shuttle back to the Tethys.

Just as the team studying the isomorphs is close to a solution, the Tethys is recalled to Starbase 165 for reassignment. As the ship turns back for Federation space, unanswered questions remain. All in all, the mission has thoroughly tested the new ship and crew and prepared them for what is yet to come.
Shakedown Cruise
Commissioned on Stardate: 62026.6, the USS Tethys began to receive her crew. Receiving the traditional tour by the admiral was her new commanding officer, Commander Iluvar. An experienced Starfleet Officer, the commander is well known for his experience and knowledge of the Briar Patch. Subsequently, Lieutenant Brendan Dernah arrived and accepted the position of executive officer, which caused his promotion to Lieutenant Commander. Meanwhile, Lieutenant JG Michael Thomas, the Tethys?s Chief Engineer, was helping to oversee the final installations from the station. Lieutenant JG Earlond, the ship?s Chief Tactical Officer had been researching both ship and crew in order to prepare himself for his new posting. He did not see the commander?s wisdom in Iluvar?s decision to accept Ensign Logan Banks as Chief Flight Control Officer, who arrived shortly afterwards. To further Iluvar?s odd assignment choices, an EMH Mk. I nicknamed "Doc" was installed per his request as the Chief Medical Officer.

With his senior staff, such as it was, aboard, Iluvar gave the order to get underway. The Tethys departed Utopia Planetia for the test range in the Oort Cloud, just beyond Pluto. While there, tests on both phasers and torpedos were conducted before Iluvar activated the automatic Multi-Vector Assault Mode for its initial test. All tests were successful and the Tethys returned to McKinley Station in orbit of Earth.

It was during this layover at McKinley that she took aboard a new Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Korel, as well as a nurse and an additional Medical Hologram. Unfortunately, transfer orders were received for Lt. Cmdr. Dernah and he departed for Starfleet Academy to serve as an instructor. His replacement, Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Knight, arrived some time later and immediately settled in as the ship?s new Executive Officer. Also, for excellent work in performing his duty and previous recommendations, Lieutenant JG Earlond was promoted to full Lieutenant. In addition, we received another welcome sight in the form of Lieutenant JG Andrew Bischoff as the new Chief Operations Officer.

With the shakedown complete, the Tethys can turn her attentions to full-fledged missions, starting with her first assignment from Starfleet Command, the focus of the mission: "Bullied by the Breen".

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